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A Blog Beginning

This blog begins in an effort to track the evolution of a piece of property we call Dungenss Chestnuts. It's an adventure, an experiment, and a way to interact with the world that reflects our values of sustainabiltiy, good stewardship of the earth, balance, and heatlhy living.

Chris and I sat down and brainstormed what system we think will make the most sense to use when indexing this blog, and here's what we've come up with for categories (and tags):

Orchard management (irrigation, mulching, organic, fertilizing, mowing, tree spacing, pollination, harvesting, etc.)

Chestnut varieties and characteristics (Belle Epine, Maraval, chestnut cultivars, grafting, etc.)

Olympic Peninsula/Sequim (Olympic National Forest, Lavendar Festival, Lake Crescent, etc.)

Chestnut nutrition (chestnut recipes, gluten-free, chestnut liquer, chestnut flour, etc.)

Chestnut organizations (Chestnuts Growers Association of America, specific chestnut farms, etc.)

Wildlife (frogs, snakes, deer, spiders, etc.)

Values (sustainability, fitness, balance, healthy longevity, biodiversity, stewardship, etc.)

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